Pool not looking right? Is it green? Loud noises coming from equipment pad? Water spraying from plumbing? Spa not heating? We can help!

Kahuna Pool Co. can repair all things pool related.  Whether there is a tiny drip, or a gusher we can handle it.  Have us diagnose your pool.  We will provide a clear estimate of cost prior to making any repair.  At Kahuna Pool Co., we strive to be fair, honest, and communicative.  Many times, we can diagnose and give you an estimate after a short phone conversation.

Preventative Maintenance:

Cartridge and DE Filter Service - The internal elements of your pool filters should be dis-assembled, cleaned, and inspected periodically.

Saltwater Chlorine Generator Cleaning - SWC systems should be taken offline, cleaned, and inspected according to manufacturers' recommendations for optimum operation.

Pump Mechanical Seal - Mechanical seals are what prevent water from contacting your electric motor.  We recommend replacement of mechanical seals on first sight of water on the equipment pad.


We are equipped to handle repairs of any type on any type of pool.  No scope is too small, or too large.  We can work on waterparks, or in your pool in your backyard.